Youth and adult boxing: one-to-one coaching in Clapham. There is currently no class.

Boxing training is great for boys and girls, young men and women’s fitness, movement skills, balance and control.youth boxing2

  • One-to-one boxing coaching is for men and women of all ages, children and adolescents aged 10 to 18.
  • Learn boxing for fitness and skill, through boxing technique practice and circuit training. Whether doing it for fun, fitness or committing to it as your sport you need an authentic coach.
  • The outcome: Learn the skill of boxing and gain fitness, health, self confidence.
  • Expectations: some take longer to achieve it than others but ultimately boxing teaches discipline and application. This in turn leads to health, wellness and confidence.
  • Competition: there is absolutely no expectation or pressure on anyone to spar or compete. Of course if they want to Dennis can guide them appropriately. 

Session format includes:
Warm up, practice of boxing techniques using pads, bags and shadow boxing. Fitness training comes by way of circuits using your own bodyweight, jumping rope, and sometimes weights, medicine ball etc. Finish with abdominal exercises and stretching for recovery and flexibility.

When: contact us and Dennis will be in touch to organise a session

Where: Balance’s fitness, strength and conditioning studio

Who: Boxing Coach Dennis Ricketts. Professional (BBB of C) and Amateur (ABA) qualifications. CRB checked.


Dennis is a kind but firm and very knowledgeable Boxing Coach. He commands respect from his pupils and motivates them to high standards of fitness. Since my son has been training with Dennis his confidence has grown immeasurably as has his interest in fitness and good health. Dennis is very caring about his pupils and by no means encourages any aggression . He has good tips on healthy eating and building muscle, physique and self discipline. My son really looks forward to training with Dennis and I feel he is safe and has benefited enormously from his advice and help. I would thoroughly recommend him.

..another testimonial from a parent appreciating the impact Dennis’s boxing coaching has had on her son.

My 14 year old son started boxing with Dennis in May 2015, and totally loves it.  Since that time his confidence has grown enormously and he is gaining the physique he has always wanted.  We are always hearing about Dennis and how much my son admires his training etc.We are all thrilled that Dennis is training him and he seems to have made an impact on our boys everyday life, with the skill of boxing and what the coaching etc is bringing him”.
> Thank you Dennis. Tanya