Pilates SANCTUARY Studio

The Pilates Sanctuary Studio is a fully equipped intimate studio on the first floor, alongside the quiet space of our Early Rehab Studio and treatment rooms. Pilates developed his studio equipment to create resistance and to facilitate movement. 

The benefits of studio work are:

  • You will be individually assessed and a programme developed with your teacher to address your individual needs
  • Smaller groups mean more individual attention
  • If have an injury/particular reason for coming you can address it more efficiently
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve breath
  • Facilitate Spinal mobility and full body movement
  • Isolation of muscle groups and joints for a targeted approach
  • Working with spring resistance means you can target areas more specifically and work with more load
  • Greater repertoire of exercises
  • More adaptable to different conditions, to create greater or lesser challenges
  • Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy
  • Quicker results are achieved
  • Studio work is for absolutely everyone, from complete beginners or injured people to athletes or dancers
Group sessions have up to 5 people in them. You can also do private sessions in the studio. All sessions last for 1 hour. If you are coming because of injury or have any particular issues you need addressing, we may ask you to have an initial private session before joining group classes.

Studio Sessions take place:

  • Monday – Friday 

All classes MUST be booked in advance.

Call Agur on 07824 901063 or

Alice on 07881 953843.

Private sessions are £85 for a single session or £420 for a block of 5 classes

Group sessions are £40 for a single session or £195 for a block of 5 classes