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Home working office ergonomics.

  • Pain or tension at work?
  • Painful, tight and tense at home?
  • Long hours of sitting?

home working ergonomics

Does working from home mean under the duvet? Lap top on the sofa? We’re here to help you look after yourself.

Since the era of COVID-19 began working from home has increased massively and we have seen the consequences at Balance. Our physiotherapists, osteopaths, soft tissue therapists and movement & breathwork coaches are spending more time than ever working with clients to offset the affects.

Home working ergonomic improvements

Come and try our seating and desk solutions as well as a large range of accessories – keyboards, mice, laptop stands, monitor arms.

We have sourced a wealth of products that will refine every difficult working situation. We’ve done this with our clients in mind, so that we have all the solutions to change the most difficult home working into a fruitful office along with our beautiful bespoke office furniture.

chairs desks and accessories

Work place stations and assessments?

  • We can come into your office or home, or we can examione the photos that you send us of you at your work station
  • Book an appointment at Balance and we can video you and you can take away your prescription and workplace solution on a memory stick to share with HR or your workplace assessor. They will then see your video, talk it through with you and us, view our recommendations and agree the solutions.
  • This works equally well when addressing your home working situation – whether it is self-funded or by an employer

All good news. But the great news? All this for a fraction of the price of coming in to see you at your office….

now that will please whoever is footing the cost……..

For more information on home working and office ergonomics:

For professional guidance contact Lucy Goldby or Caroline Curtis via our contact page or book an appointment on 02076272308

For retail advice on our range of chairs, desks and accessories and how our clients can get discounts directly from our two main suppliers via our contact page or call 02076272308.