Gym Clapham

Our ground floor gym, Clapham, is refreshingly unlike any commercial high street gym. There is plenty to be challenged by and space for mobility and agility.

We encourage our clients to make good use of all our facility, including the gym space. You will use it within sessions of course but are welcome to come at other times to continue your rehab or strength practices. There is no membership unless you’d like one, and can pay on a session by session basis at a very low cost.

What you will find includes:

  • 2 x treadmill, the 1 for walking and running analysis is surrounded by cameras
  • exercise bike, studio spin cycle and cross trainer
  • Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill – seeing it is one thing experiencing it is a whole different thing!
  • Pull-up bar, rock rings to hang from, CrossCore 180 for rotational bodyweight training (it might bear a slight resemblance to a TRX but it’s MUCH better)
  • LifeLine USA band station and various power bands from light to exceptionally heavy for dynamic strength, mobility and flexibility work
  • Light dumbbells and a range of kettlebells (we have well over a decade of experience with them) both cast iron and competition steel.
  • squat racks, olympic bar and training bar, bumper plates, training discs, Iron Mind Rolling thunder, olympic plate loading pin, captains of Crush grippers
  • plyo box, and tyre for hammering, jumping on and over.
  • Mobility and co-ordination sticks (short rattan Philipino martial arts sticks, Bo and Jo lengths) and indian clubs for wrist, elbow, shoulder mobility too
  • various ropes, balls, sports equipment, exercise balls and additional toys to challenge and amuse, add diversity and complexity
  • We have Trigger Point and other myofascial release tools all around the facility
  • Yoga mats for stretching and heavy judo mats for movement drills, tumbling and falling