Class & Movement Studio

This is where we perform the majority of our End Stage Rehab, all the dynamic work of Speed, Agility and Quickness, Classes, Movement sessions, lecture evenings and workshops.

We have left this large studio free of equipment, with all the equipment and toys to hand around the edges. We have judo mats and exercise matting down permanently at one end for ground movement sessions and floor exercises for rehab, strength and conditioning.

You will find in here a variety of equipment, training tools and rehab toys:

  • bungees fixed to the pillars
  • LifeLine USA train station, and other therapeutic and power bands for resistant band training
  • heavy boxing/thai boxing bag
  • CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight Training kit
  • Jungle Gym Suspension training kit
  • Dips bars
  • Olympic Bar and plates
  • Iron Mind Sand Bag, heavy kit bag, power bag, Josh Henkins Ultimate Sandbag, Heavy rope for dragging, towing, throwing and whipping (sometimes described as “Battling ropes” we call it a “Heavy rope!”), Medicine balls
  • Massive range of kettlebells, Competition Steel and Cast Iron (“Traditional” as Svetlana – one of UK’s most experienced Kettlebell teachers (RKC, CKT) would say)
  • More sticks (doce pares) for mobility, myofascial release tools, sports balls and equipment for visualisation and specific rehab work (tennis rackets, lacrosse and hockey sticks etc)

Train and practice in here with your therapist, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer Svetlana, or on your own – once you are familiar to us, either as a client or someone who has done an induction with us.

Call us and speak to one of the S&c coaches if you have a question about any of the equipment, or to book in for a training session. see our timetable and Health and Wellness pages for more info on Personal Fitness Training and Classes.

Call 02076272308