sabina skala -strength & conditioning coach, ULTRA DISTANCE runner

With only just over 90 days before I face probably the biggest challenge so far (Marathon De Sables), I have to say that if I didn’t get the help from the fantastic osteopath Trevor Speller and my absolutely ace massage therapist Joanna, I wouldn’t be able to take part in Marathon De Sables. you are only as good as your team and Trev has been crucial in fixing my body.

From hardly being able to run for 20 mins without limping for days afterwards, which was only a few months ago, I can now cover pretty much any distance. I highly underestimated how much stress ultra endurance running puts on the joints, and ended up with a bad foot injury, which was tough physically but even more emotionally, as I was really worried I wasn’t able to train enough to survive in the desert in April.

Trev has been absolutely amazing – as a therapist and as a friend, he is by far THE BEST practitioner I have ever worked with, always looking for new ways to fix the problem. Thank you Trev, you are the best.