Ron Burnett

Ron is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and resistance band training specialist. His experience is extensive and varied, from professional dancer and athletics with some yoga and tai chi sprinkled over the top! I believe that everyone can be strong, flexible and athletic no matter what your body shape, age, size or previous history. […]

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Svetlana – Kettlebell and Fitness Coach (Personal Training) Svetlana is a master of sport (swimming), CMS (candidate master of sport) in Kettlebell sport, Personal trainer( YMCA-London), and was the first qualified female kettlebell instructor in the UK (USA-Dragon Door). She sums herself up as a swimming coach (physical education university degree in Russia), and a […]

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Jonathan Lewis

BSc (Hons), MCSP Jonathan Lewis – is a health professional specialising in breathing and movement practices; physical conditioning and soft tissue/massage therapy. Jonathan welcomes the opportunity to help you cultivate wellness practices and day-to-day habits and rituals to give you every-day well-being, vibrant health and resilience. Breathing and movement practices can be a gateway to greater […]

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