anthony clegg – breathing coach

 Breath Mastery Coach, Member of International Breathwork Foundation 

Anthony Clegg breathing coach

Anthony offers breath work teaching in both a class setting, in-person or virtual video sessions. CURRENTLY all work is via video – using whatever medium you prefer – WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc.

To organise a session call or message Anthony on +447940562906.

Having self-cured a debilitating stammer as a teenager, using a focus on breath rate, Tony moved to London in 1989. Here he trained as a Breathwork teacher Anthony Clegg professional dancer and actor. He went on to achieve great success, working extensively in the West End and The National theatre. 

During this time he also established himself within the corporate training industry, becoming a behavioural facilitator for companies looking to improve the safety and morale of employees, and the interpersonal relationships between colleagues and with their customers. Despite noticing great improvements it also became clear that something was missing as old emotional triggers would often quickly return. This brought breathing back into his awareness as a tool for emotional freedom and personal growth. 

Breathwork Teacher, Breathing Coach

In 2017 he embarked upon a career in breath work, training for the next two years under the guidance of world renowned breathing coach Dan Brule in Mexico, the UK and Norway. This breath work education is an ongoing process complimented by a study of neuroscience, and both a scientific and spiritual approach to the causes, effects and release of habitual breathing. 

Identifying, understanding and working through chronic breathing habits as well as emotional patterns and triggers that no longer support our growth is a process that requires self awareness, the willingness to feel the feelings and let go plus a rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system. Every thought, feeling and emotion has a corresponding breathing pattern and whilst breathing is an automatic process, we also have the ability to control our breathing rate and with that the combination of chemicals released into the nervous system. 

I am a student of the breath and as such learn about myself working with others, as everything is energy and whether we feel it or not, we are all hugely influenced by the collective forces of our environment and the people around us. It is also true that the way we view ourselves and the thoughts we put out into the world have a detrimental or supportive effect on our overall health and wellbeing. 

Recent experience include workshops for Metoo&co charity organisation, The Actors centre, programmes for stressed out Londoners and one to one sessions for specific issues. I am a professional member of the International Breathwork Foundation.