Sabina Skala – Strength & Conditioning Coach


sabina-strength-healthSabina Skala – hails from Poland, she is a certified and highly experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach. Sabina has trained under numerous worlds top Strength and Conditioning Coaches including Mark Twight (Gym Jones) & Mike Mahler (Aggressive Strength) to name just two.

She has presented at national exhibitions and several workshops worldwide that explore the potential of strength training for athletic development. Sabina has taught alongside Mike Mahler, Andy Bolton, Dan John and Brooks Kubik. Her stable of clients includes professional MMA athletes, other top combat sports professionals and endurance sports athletes. Sabina has also successfully trained top male models, military personnel, rugby, golf and polo players, climbers and dancers.

She has contributed to publications in Mens Fitness and The Guardian, appeared as a guest on Super Human Radio, the Live Life Aggressively podcast with Mike Mahler and Sincere Hogan and also contributed to the Plant Based Performance: A Companssionate Approach To Health and Fitness book

As a former competitive athlete Sabina believes that each is truly responsible for their performance potential and you are capable of limitless possibilities when you put your mind to it, with the correct knowledge. Sabina follows a vegan diet.