Regan Siviter – Chartered Sports & Spinal Physiotherapist


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Regan is an experienced physiotherapist with specialist skills in the treatment and rehabilitation of back and spinal pain, sports injuries and women’s health related problems.

Regan graduated as a physiotherapist in 2000 and has worked in the NHS and in private practice. She completed a master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy in 2008 and has experience in treating all levels of sports and spinal injuries.

Having benefitted from ante-natal and post-natal Physiotherapy after the birth of each of her three children Regan is delighted to be part of the Women’s Health team. Her particular passion is running the post-natal classes as she attended them herself for 6 years. The classes are a wonderful, fun way to exercise with your babies and children present from as early as six weeks post-natal. Many aches and pains related to being pregnant and following the birth of your baby are treatable with advice and exercises. Too often women feel they have to put up with the pain and Regan is passionate about helping and advising women so they benefit in the same way she has.

Regan competed in the Edinburgh marathon in May 2009, which helped her develop a greater understanding of the effort and dedication it takes to be committed to training for a big event like a marathon. Additionally Regan has had experience in treating people with work-related pain and has carried out workstation assessments to help employees remain pain free at work. She is also an experienced acupuncture practitioner and uses this in combination with her rehabilitation programmes and physiotherapy management.