Nadia Hussain

Osteopath, Soft Tissue Massage Therapist


Nadia is a registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and licensed Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (ACMT) certified in clinical and sports massage, deep tissue massage and medical acupuncture. Since qualifying as a therapist in 2011, Nadia has developed and evolved her skillset using a variety of soft tissue therapy styles and techniques, including deep tissue, sports and remedial massage. She is highly experienced in relaxation massage treatments and offers hot stone massage treatments which compliment her existing services. In her dedicated pursuit of growing as a practitioner, Nadia obtained her Masters in Osteopathy and Diploma in Naturopathy in 2022, which has allowed her to incorporate manual treatment therapies, spinal adjustments and articulations into her treatments. Nadia is currently furthering her skills in acupuncture for the treatments of headaches and chronic pain conditions. Nadia works with clients from a range of backgrounds, from elite athletes looking to optimise their sporting performance to individuals with chronic pain who would like assistance with symptom management. For over a decade, Nadia has helped clients relieve the pain of injuries, deal with chronic pain, reduce stress and tension, and simply maintain good bodily health. Nadia is also passionate about her own health and fitness, and participates in a number of sports including strength training, hiking and boxing.