Mike Doxey – Movement Coach, Myofascial Therapist

Fluid Body Flexible Mind

Mike Doxey is at the forefront of Myofascial Therapy and movement. His wealth and diversity of experience enable him to effectiveley treat complex patterns that occur in our soft tissue, often away from the site of pain. I treat complex patterns that occur in our soft tissue often far away from the sight of pain that inhibit pain free and fluid movement.

Fascia is ubiquitous in the body, it facilitates and inhibit’s movement. Soft tissue continually pulls on our bones as we move, causing the joints to compress and expand naturally. Problems can occur when we move repetitively causing our bones to mould to our movements, slowly but surely we lose range of movement around the joints.

Our role as manual/movement specialist is to reverse this process getting people to move and think a little differently. This can not only restore lost movements patterns but also change the way we think about our bodies.

Each session you will be encouraged in
1.Making movements more economical
2.Refining movement potential and improving range of movement
3.Improve spatial awareness.

In conjunction with the physiotherapists and osteopath at Balance Performance this approach provides a more integrative approach and long term solution.