Julien Diaz – Physical intelligence

Julien rejoins the Balance Performance team, after spending a successful 2 years working in South Africa.

He brings over 20 years experience in physical performance, body work and physical awareness. After graduating from the Rambert School of Contemporary and Classical Dance, he worked professionally all over Europe, before joining us here at Balance, as a movement coach for the first time way back in 2004.

Technique, physical intelligence, improving balance, flexibility and a huge emphasis on the need for an increase in clients proprioception, are the factors that make working with Julien a mental workout as much a physical one.

Increasing ones own physical awareness, is often the key not just to a physically happier place but greater mental clarity and emotional stability. Its just the getting there that can be a little painful.

Physical intelligence sessions with Julien are an hour long and its suggested that 6-8 sessions initially would give you an idea of the best ways of moving forward. Train with Julien in Balance’s studios or at home.