Jose Manuel Sanz mengibar – neurological PHYSIOTHERAPIST & vojta therapist

Jose offers Vojta Therapy and neurological/musculoskeletal physiotherapy for children and adults, as well as developmental checks for children with no neurological conditions.

I am a Doctor in physiotherapy. My work combines academic research with clinical practice and is aided by my own experience as an elite-level gymnast. I have worked with the general public and athletes but have specialised in children and adults with neurological disorders. My approach to musculoskeletal / orthopaedic conditions is also grounded in the underlying CNS postural disfunction. My training focuses on neurological physiotherapy and my research explores ontogenetic postural development, motor neuroscience, postural control, and from limited to high motor function.


His clinical training includes an Official Master Degree on neurological rehabilitation, postgraduate training in physiotherapy in paediatric neurological disorders, Official Vojta Therapist diploma from the International Vojta Association (Internationale Vojta Gesellschaft e.V, Germany), Basic Bobath Fundation Course (Bobath Centre London), Myofascial release, dry needling, respiratory physiotherapy and kinesiology taping.

Jose’s researching training includes an International PhD with publication in international journals:

  • Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F. Role of positioning between trunk and pelvis in locomotor function of ambulant children with and without cerebral palsy. Ideggyógyászati Szemle = Clinical Neuroscience 72(9–10):343–351.
  • Marrades-Caballero E, Santonja-Medina C, Sanz Mengibar J, Santonja-Medina F. Neurologic music therapy in upper-limb rehabilitation in children with severe bilateral cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trial. European Journal of Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine 54(6):866–872.
  • Sanz-Mengibar JM, Sainz-de-Baranda P, Santonja-Medina F. Training intensity and sagittal curvature of the spine in male and female artistic gymnasts. Journal of Sports Medicine Physical Fitness 58(4): 465–471.
  • Sanz-Mengibar JM, Altschuck N, Sanchez-de-Muniain P, Bauer C, Santonja-Medina F. Position between trunk and pelvis during gait depending on the gross motor function classification system. Pediatric Physical Therapy 29(2): 130–137.
  • Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F. Correlation between sagittal spinal curves and gross motor function in children with typical development and with spastic bilateral cerebral palsy. Pilot study. Archives of Paediatric Developmental Pathology 1(2): 1009.
  • Sanz-Mengibar JM, Santonja-Medina F, Sanchez-de-Muniain P, Canteras-Jordana M. Can clinical assessment of locomotive body function explain gross motor environmental performance in cerebral palsy? Journal of Child Neurology 31(4): 474–480.
  • 7 physiotherapy books in Spanish language, including: “50 ejercicios para tu bebé. (50 exercises for your baby)”, “50 preguntas y respuestas para padres y bebes (50 questions and answers for fathers and babies)”, “50 consejos para calmar el llanto (50 tricks to calm and stop babies crying)”, “Masaje para bebes. Ejercicios y estimulación (Massage for babies. Exercises and sensory work), “Manual de masaje” (massage handbook).


 Jose has wide experience treating children and adults with neurological disorders such as:

➢ Central motor disorders such as cerebral palsy.

➢ Peripheral or secondary motor palsies: Neural tube defects, Obstetric brachial plexus palsy (OBPP).

➢ Genetic conditions

➢ Neuromuscular disorders

➢ Various myopathies

➢ Multiple sclerosis

➢ Stroke

➢ Spinal cord injuries


Childhood Developmental Checks

➢ Developmental checks for children with no neurological conditions but never-the-less you may have concerns about your childs progress.


Musculoskeletal conditions:

➢ Orthopaedic-postural problems.

➢ Back-spine postural disorders – misalignments (scoliosis), pain and functional limitations.

➢ Joint misalignment including Congenital Hip Dysplasia, hip subluxation, hip luxation.

➢ Postural asymmetries (torticollis, scoliosis, plagiokephaly)

➢ Deformities and range of motion restrictions

➢ Sport related injuries.

Jose’s sport background is competition Artistic Gymnastics, grading his experience from motor disability to high-level competition at any age.

Jose speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian, and can also provide therapy in German language.