Jonathan Zulueta

Consultant Neurological Physiotherapist, Consultant Vestibular Physiotherapist

Consultant in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Balance, Falls and Dizziness, Exercise Programmes for the over-55’s, and the treatment of Neck Pain

Jonathan Zulueta has had an active physiotherapy practice in Greater London spanning 17 years and a number of distinctions. He is an Advanced Specialist Physiotherapist in Falls, Vestibular and Balance in Greater London at Central London Community Healthcare NHS. Above all, he is available as a consultant here at Balance Performance Physiotherapy!
At Balance Jonathan provides hands on therapy, physiotherapy exercises and makes effective use of various technologies for treatment of neck pain and dizziness. As a result of his various methods he provides great functional gains for his clients.
Read a blog with some videos of a client exercising guided by Jonathan: Balance falls and dizziness: great vestibular expertise available from Jonathan Zulueta
Jonathan sees a wide range of clients with a variety of conditions. Most obviously conditions such as BPPV, Labyrinthitis, Migraine, Visual vertigo, vestibulopathy and PoTS. But equally impactful he treats cervical radiculopathies, soft tissue injuries and tension headaches.
Jonathan is an expert and key player in the development of Falls Prevention and has achieved some major accomplishments. For example.
  • Jonathan established the first community Dizziness Clinic for Fallers in Westminster, London.
  • In Asia he standardised strength and balance programmes and introduced the Balance Exercises and Activities Training (BEAT) Programme to promote positive ageing. Jonathan did this in collaboration with Departments of Health.
  • Jonathan delivers lectures and regularly provides needs-based training on this subject both locally and internationally.
Jonathan’s passion lies in extending an individuals health span and empowering patients and the health care industry. So Jonathan remains committed to seeing patients daily whilst sharing his experiences with other professionals to improve patient care.