Jonathan Lewis

Physiotherapist, Soft Tissue Massage Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

BSc (Hons), MCSP

Jonathan Lewis – is a health professional specialising in breathing and movement practices; physical conditioning and soft tissue/massage therapy.

Jonathan welcomes the opportunity to help you cultivate wellness practices and day-to-day habits and rituals to give you every-day well-being, vibrant health and resilience. Breathing and movement practices can be a gateway to greater contentment and peace – peace of mind and body.

Sessions of conditioning, massage and teaching self-myofascial mobility techniques (effective use of myofascial rollers and balls, massage gun and other percussive/vibration tools) are also on offer with Jonathan.

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Jonathan’s intention is to empower people to take responsibility for their own health, well-being and happiness. This can be achieved by gaining greater knowledge and understanding of one’s self. By cultivating practices that develop physical, mental, emotional and intuitional abilities and build resilience.

Jonathan is one of Balance Performance’s founders (2001) and directors. He has been a professional in the realm of health, fitness and wellness since 1993, and became a physiotherapist in 1996. 

Jonathan’s professional experience in performance, mental and physical resilience began in 1989 when he began training as a Royal Marine Commando and served as one for 5 years. Over the years his own training, practices and habits have evolved, as have his offerings to his clients. The evolution continues.