Jo Fordyce

Consultant Women and Men's Health Physiotherapist


Jo leads women and men’s pelvic health services at Balance Performance Physiotherapy, our Clapham SW4 facility. She delivers pelvic health services face to face, as well as online.

Contact Jo so you can start on the best treatment pathway for you.

Jo has been working for 25 years in the speciality of pelvic health. She  lead pelvic health physiotherapy at St George’s hospital (London) for 9 years, during which time she set up a multi disciplinary perineal clinic for women with severe birth trauma. Her current work also includes her role as a clinical specialist at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, as part of the Urology team. Jo is also a member of the POGP (Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy).

She is a registered Mummy MOT practitioner, offering post-natal checks from 6 weeks onwards.
Currently, if you are a new Mum, she can see you virtually via Zoom from the comfort of home if you
would prefer not to travel, alongside face to face appointment options.

Treatment of third and fourth degree perineal tears remains one of her key interests, as well as other
conditions treated within pelvic health, including bladder leakage (stress and urge incontinence),
prolapse, pelvic floor muscle weakness, sexual dysfunction (pain with sexual activity), bowel problems
(including leakage) and pelvic pain.

1 in every 3 women are affected by women’s health problems over their lifetime.

1 in every 3 women are affected by women’s health problems over their lifetime. In addition to pregnancy the other stage of life that symptoms are often more noticeable is around the Menopause. If this something that you’d like to discuss ask Jo about a Menopause MOT. But whatever the stage of life you are at, if you have any concerns regarding bladder leakage, prolapse, pelvic floor muscle weakness, contact Jo via Balance’s contact page. Do NOT sit and suffer.

Women and Men's Pelvic Health

Jo also enjoys an educational role, working with physiotherapy students at Kingston University. She has
recently stepped down from being a trustee on the executive committee for the POGP (Pelvic Obstetric
and Gynaecology Physiotherapy).

Away from work, Jo has two teenagers, and loves to spend her time, laughing, cooking and eating with
friends and family, as well as yoga, exercise classes and jogging, the last having greatly increased in