eli ferracci – osteopath and nutritional therapist

 BSc (Hons) Ost

Eli is an osteopath and nutritional therapist here in Clapham. She uses an eclectic mixture of techniques when delivering hands on treatment, as well as natural remedies wherever possible, nutrition and exercise. She offers an integrated multi layered health care approach for the benefit of her clients whatever their health needs.

Eli Ferraci osteopath and nutritional therapist

She has sustained many injuries herself and her appreciation of the challenges that arise give her the cause and determination to get her clients out of pain and enjoying their activities again as quickly and safely as possible.
Eli’s background in the fitness industry and manual therapy (massage, lymph drainage, osteopathy) puts her in a unique position to assist the body’s healing process from the inside out.

Known as the body detective, she can advise you on lifestyle adjustments using nutritional supplements and superfoods.Eli is an alkaline health and living nutrition specialist. 

Eli is a great believer in the human body’s innate self healing abilities and likes to share her knowledge with her clients. She has many years experience working with the general public, as well as athletes from many different sports – including Oxford University rowing teams. Being in London Eli enjoys an international and cosmopolitan client base.

Prior to Osteopathy Elizabeth had a career in the fitness industry, sports and remedial massage and lymph drainage which adds great depth to her knowledge and understanding. As an osteopath – since 2011 – she has worked at several clinics in London and Oxford. Personally she is into self improvement, health and fitness, music, art and ballet. It is great to have Eli’s skills as an osteopath, soft tissue therapist and nutritional therapist available to Balance’s clients.