Dan Elias

Consultant Youth & Sports Injury Physiotherapist


Dan developed his passion and interest for physiotherapy competing as a county level decathlete. Initially Dan completed his BSc undergraduate degree in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Hertfordshire.  This then led onto a BSc in Physiotherapy from the prestigious St Georges Medical School and an MSc in Sports Injury Rehabilitation from Salford University under the tutelage of Olympics Games Physiotherapists.

Dan is a highly experienced Physiotherapist having worked within the NHS, private practice  and within elite sport with over 15 years clinical experience.  Dan specialises within youth physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation.

Dan has provided physiotherapy support to runners at multiple London marathons and has treated sprinters, endurance, and ultra-marathon athletes for years.   Dan has currently worked as a physiotherapist for the England Athletics team both nationally and internationally from Under 13- Under 20 age groups over the last 8 years, assessing and treating young athletes as well as communicating with parents and coaches on ongoing management.

Alongside his clinical work, Dan has previously been an associate lecturer for The University of West England on their Sports Rehabilitation BSc, with a specialist area on sporting injury and return to play from the youth to adult population. Dan is a lecturer within the youth athletic field having presented on ‘Overtraining in the Youth Athlete’ and ‘Common Injuries in the Adolescent Athlete’ for the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport & Exercise Medicine and the University of West England.

Dan is passionate about providing a comprehensive assessment which is appropriate to the growing child. Dan aims to identify acute or longer term causes to injury, where the child is at within their growth, discussing any impact of school, sleep, nutrition and lifestyle factors that can all impact on recovery.

Rehabilitation should be fun! Daniel aims to create a child rehabilitation plan to return the child back to their sport better than before, grow their movement vocabulary and develop an ongoing awareness of how to navigate growth and mitigate future injury risk.

Dan’s overall aim is to return his clients back to their sport or chosen activity with enhanced performance or function than pre injury levels.

Dan is a keen sportsman having competed as a decathlete and he currently enjoys running.  Dan has also been a keen scuba diver having dived some amazing sites in Hawaii and Australia!