Petr’s guide to Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage? by petr dobes Sports Massage is a deeper, more specific form of massage using advanced soft tissue manipulation that helps you to improve your performance, recover from injury or for prevention of injury. But sports massage is not just for athletes, it is beneficial to anyone with musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain or a dysfunction related or caused by stress. […]

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Blog from Graham Anderson, sports physiotherapist at the Australian Open Tennis – ankle injuries

Day 5 from Graham in Melbourne, Australia: “So you’ve turned your ankle whilst playing tennis. A common injury you might have seen at many a tennis event on the telly. Strong balance and proprioceptive training will assist and improve the likelihood of recurrent sprain. Once that ankle mortice and tenon joint is affected by weakened […]

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Olympic Weightlifting Seminar London November 2015

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar – Sunday, 22nd November 10am to 3pm at Balance Performance Physiotherapy Coached by Michaela Breeze, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Olympic and Commonwealth Games Champion Clean, jerk, snatch, assistance movements, foundation strength exercises, efficient movement patterns The day is intended to educate, up skill, and develop those who either: actively use Olympic lifting as […]

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