Strength & Conditioning

Move with purpose, control and efficiency. Develop strength, power and resilience. This is essential to achieve your goals, be that to recover from injury or perform and compete at your best.

Maximise your rehabilitaion and sporting aspirations with:

  • dynamic resistance training – kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags, ropes, power bands
  • functional training (read effective and fit for purpose)
  • olympic lifting – power clean, clean, jerk, snatch – for sports and athletic performance
  • power lifting – squat, deadlift, bench press – doing it right makes the difference between structural strength vs imbalance, overuse, injury and poor results.
  • heightened work capacity/conditioning to allow you to concentrate on sports skills not your lack of fitness when you play, compete, perform.
  • training in strength and conditioning for health and fitness, sports and adventure.

Moving with purpose, control and efficiency is essential to maximise your potential. This is true whether you’re training for fitness and health, weight loss or muscle mass gain, re-conditioning following injury, surgery, illness or fatigue.

By working with our experienced team you can develop the ability to move better, be strong and resilient: to ensure you wont break down.

Weight loss, return to fitness, return to sport, return to dance, ultraFit, sports performance, military conditioning, Crossfit ready, marathon and triathlon training.

Bodyweight, ground and stand up drills for movement fluidity, kettlebells, alter-G, rotational bodyweight training with CrossCore180/War Machine, hammers, tyres, olympic bar – multiple tools one universal principle: movement control first then add intensity.

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