Sports Massage Clapham: soft tissue therapy, sports massage, myofascial release, recovery and flexibility

For sports massage in Clapham (Clapham North to be precise) – we highly recommend our team. Massage when delivered with skill can provide powerful and wide ranging effects. Fortunately our highly experienced team of soft tissue therapists possess excellent massage and other soft tissue therapy skills and are also very experienced.

In our Clapham sports massage rooms we use a number of massage techniques. People use many terms to describe massages, many of them could be applied to the treatment you will experience at Balance Performance. So to ensure extreme satisfaction you should let our massage therapist know what your expectations are. Then we can emphasise the appropriate techniques to meet them.

We offer you sports massage; remedial, deep and therapeutic massage; myofascial compression and soft tissue release techniques. You can be massaged for general recovery, relaxation, and release of tensions. This may be required to offset the soreness and fatigue from your work and sports/fitness training or after an active holiday or competition – skiing or a triathlon for example. You can also be in need of a massage for more specific areas of pain and soreness, possibly after an injury or surgery.

In addition to those massages mentioned above we offer a Remedial massage using CBD and essential oils. Further to this Nadia Hussain offers Hot Stone Massage. You can read about these in a little more detail below.

Massage – for the benefit of all, not just sports players

General health and wellness

  • Ease the stresses, strains and tensions felt across your body, gain awareness and maintain good health.
  • Ease the tension and pain manifested physically during periods of stress and for better mental health and wellbeing.

Work, study and home tensions:

  • Relieve work, study and home life related tension in the arm, neck, upper and lower back.
  • Target specific areas of tension and generally relieve stress that comes with every episode of back or neck pain.

Injury, illness and surgeries:

  • Target specific areas of tension associated with your injury, or following surgery– every injury will induce muscular and fascial tightness that will remain an obstacle to complete recovery until addressed.
  • Work on tension and scar tissue following breast cancer surgery or mastectomy.

Sports, events and fitness:

  • Assist in preparation for any event – sporting or adventurous, marathon or triathlon, a hiking or climbing weekend, a musical or dance performance, surf, ski or snowboarding holiday.
  • Sports Massage Clapham: assist in recovery from sports training or event preparation

Pregnancy and parenthood:

  • Give respite during pregnancy from the fatigue of carrying your bump.
  • Assist post-natal recovery and ease the tension that can follow with the responsibility of parenthood. Most common are back and neck ache from lifting and carrying children, breastfeeding, nappy changing.

Remedial massage with CBD and Essential Oils

Hot Stone Massage with Nadia Hussain

What is Hot Stone massage?

Therapeutic heat treatment used in conjunction with hands on soft tissue therapy.

What stones does Nadia use and why?

Volcanic basalt stones, they retain heat and stay warmer for longer period of time. Therefore they are optimal for hot stone massage treatments.

How does hot stone therapy work?

Prior to your treatment Nadia heats the stones in water to the effective (and safe) temperature. Then you’ll experience Nadia actively massaging you with the heated stones which effectively and efficiently warm, ease and relax your muscles. The heat affects the nervous system, increases circulation and decreases pain by producing an anaesthesia effect therefore allowing the therapist to work deeper. The stones are an extension to the therapist’s hands. The hot stone treatment offered by Nadia at Balance uses both heat from the stones as well as therapist hands, with additional soft tissue therapy techniques, tailored to suit your needs.

Is hot stone massage therapy right for me?

If you like heat this is a treatment is for you, ideal for those suffering with muscular aches, discomforts and pain. This treatment is not suitable for those who are heat sensitive, sunburnt skin, have a very acute injury or on areas with varicose veins.

Is hot stone massage therapy safe?

Yes. Before the stones come into contact with you Nadia heats the stones herself and handles them before they are used on you. You will never have the heated stones left in a static position or directly on bare skin for a prolonged period of time. Throughout the treatment she will communicate with you to ensure you are comfortable with the temperature and the treatment.

What happens during a treatment?

During your first consultation Nadia will explain how the treatment is delivered and ensure it is suitable for you. Heat is absorbed faster in different areas of the body. A test on the forearms and upper arms with the heated stone is done to ensure you are comfortable before proceeding with long strokes over the back. It is important to inform the therapist if you find the stones are too hot for you.

How long does a treatment last? 75 minutes or  90mins

What are the after-effects? Heat is comforting and helps calm the nervous system aiding in relaxation, it can have a sedative effect, reducing stress, anxiety and promotes deeper relaxation.

Are you ready to try Hot Stone massage therapy?

Give us a call, book online (see below), or fill in the form on the right hand side.

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Although you will benefit simply from the massage skills of our therapists we can go further. Balance professionals work as a team and your massage therapist will communicate clearly with your physiotherapist, osteopath and/or coach to ensure that we are working in synchrony for you.

Whichever of the above applies to you take the opportunity provided by our team of therapists – both male and female – and have the inevitable kinks, knots and tensions therapeutically worked away. If you haven’t experienced soft tissue therapy or massage before you are welcome to talk to one of the team before you book a session or let them know when you arrive at your first appointment and they will guide you through the process. Your first session needs to be 45 minutes as your therapist will have some questions to ask before they begin to make sure you get what you need.

After your first session treatments can vary in length based on your requirements; we offer sessions between 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage Team

Deri Wilson

Deri Wilson

Soft Tissue Therapist, Womens Health specialist

Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain

Soft Tissue Therapist, Sports Massage, Acupuncture

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis

Sports Massage. Breathwork, Movement Coach