Neuro Physio, Vojta therapy & Vestibular Physiotherapy

Our Neuro Physio and Vojta Therapy services provide assessment and treatment for anyone with physical impairments from a neurological injury or condition. Likewise, our Vestibular Physiotherapy service provides assessment and rehabilitation for anyone experiencing vestibular difficulties. Balance, falls and dizziness.

We welcome everyone: babies and and young children; adolescents; younger and older adults. Our team works happily with people of varying levels of ability. Treatment and rehabilitation is individually tailored to the person’s needs and impairments, their day to day functions, goals and expectations.

Balance provides expert assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing support for all types of neurological and vestibular conditions:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Brain and spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Neuropathy
  • Central motor disorders
  • Motor Neurones Disease
  • Neuromuscular conditions and disorders
  • Postural problems and disorders
  • PoTS – postural tachycardia syndrome
  • Vestibular disorders
  • Joint misalignment and asymmetries
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Any other neurological disorder

We have great facilities including three large gym spaces, gym equipment and an Alter G treadmill which is great for anyone with balance, standing or walking difficulties.


Neuro Physio for Adults

The effects of neurological conditions on adults vary significantly between individuals, even if the diagnosis is the same. At Balance we assess everyone as an individual and are keen to ascertain unique goals, aspirations and understand expectations. This understanding guides us to make a decision on where to start.

Treatment options available

  • Bobath-based therapy
  • Vojta Therapy (see specific tab below)
  • Hands-on therapy
  • Stretches
  • Taping
  • BEAT exercise programme – see specific information within Vestibular Physiotherapy tab
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Balance rehabilitation
  • Core stability
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Fitness and strength coaching along with access to well equipped gym facility – including anti-gravity treadmill – AlterG
  • Advice on rehabilitation technologies and adjuncts to rehab; including orthotics, shockwave therapy, and neuro-muscular electrical stimulation.

Whether to exercise – and how to ensure it is safe and effective

People with neurological conditions often have difficulty getting the right advice about exercise. However the Balance team is capable of providing expert advice in a friendly, relaxed and safe environment.

Having dizziness, bladder or bowel problems, difficulty with mobility or pain can make it tricky to know how to start. But we aim to empower you to take care of yourself and gain/sustain optimal independence. And because of this we emphasise the benefits of getting started and addressing all the obstacles. The health and wellbeing benefits of exercise are too great ignore. Exercise can increase peoples day-to-day abilities while improving problems such as fatigue.


Neuro Physio for Children

We see children of all ages, as babies and toddlers, young children to pre-adoloscence, and through adolescence.

We can provide you and your child help and advice, treatment and support. In addition we can empower you through education to participate in their treatment and progressions.

Your child may have a diagnosed neurological condition such as cerebral palsy, your child could have joint misalignments or postural asymmetries such as congenital hip dysplasia or torticollis, you may have concerns about their development or an injury they acquired whilst playing – sport or otherwise. Whatever you concern do not hesitate to contact us and we will let you know if we can help.

Vojta Therapy

Vojta Therapy – for children and adults

Vojta therapy for children, neuro physio london

Jose Sanz-Mengiba offers Vojta therapy treatment to help babies, children and adults with central motor disorders – such as cerebral disorders, and much more besides. Contact Jose to get an idea about the breadth of areas he can help you with.

Vojta or Reflex Locomotion Therapy is a basic rehabilitation tool due to its postural, movement and functional features.

Vojta Therapy has traditionally been used in little children due to its strong therapeutic effects in children whose movement control has not even developed yet. Studies in neonates helped as well to understand the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of this method.

What mainly differentiates this approach from others is the automatic and involuntary access to the motor control systems. Global patterns form the basis of the motor rehabilitation of babies, children, adolescents, and adults. It is possible to stimulate these important patterns that are the “bricks” of the ideal posture, movement and function.

Musculature through out the body is activated in a coordinated manner. This flow of authentic motor reactions is provoked by graded pressure applied on certain body parts, with the patient placed in specific positions (lying on the back, side-lying, and lying on the tummy). They are part of human movement development such as grasping, rolling, creeping, crawling, and walking. This way, Vojta Therapy can help people at any life stage with neurological or musculoskeletal disorders.

A Vojta trained Physiotherapist is responsible for the implementation of the Therapy. The developed “therapy programme” is regularly supervised and matched to the patient’s movement development.

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Jonathan Zulueta is our Vestibular Consultant Physiotherapist. He offers hands on therapy, innovative physiotherapy exercises and makes effective use of various cutting edge technologies for treatment of disturbed vestibular function, dizziness and a vulnerability to falls – especially in the over-55s. As a result of his various methods he provides great functional gains for his clients.
A wide range of clients with a variety of conditions are seen. These conditions include
  • BPPV,
  • Labyrinthitis,
  • Migraine,
  • Visual vertigo,
  • vestibulopathy,
  • PoTS,
  • cervical radiculopathy,
  • soft tissue injury,
  • tension headaches.
In addition Jonathan is an expert and key player in the development of Falls Prevention and is the creator of the Balance Exercises and Activities Training (BEAT) Programme to promote positive ageing and reduce the vulnerability to falls.
Irrespective of the condition, the intention is to reduce a persons distress and anxiety caused by the condition whilst resolving their symptoms and (re)acquiring optimal function. In addition to this, extending an individuals health span and empowering them to take care of themself is the long term goal.

Testimonials and Service Evaluation Survey


“I am so grateful for Jose’s support over the years. His understanding and application of Vojta therapy is outstanding, and I can see the advantages of long-term daily therapy for the wellbeing of my daughter. Besides therapy I also appreciate Jose’s gentle input on behaviour, and skilfully managing everyone’s emotions in therapy – it’s a bit of a minefield and without it I probably would have quit a long time ago. And finally, where Jose stands out is his commitment to his work and the children he cares for. I have been seeing a physio long enough to understand this is far from common, Jose goes far above and beyond of what is expected of him”.

“Without Jose’s therapy, input and expertise, my daughter would not have the mobility she has today. Jose has guided us as a family in the best interest for our daughter. My daughter has been seeing Jose for over 14 years and we would not trust anyone else regarding our daughter’s therapy and well-being. He’s empathy towards us as a family is beyond amazing”.

“Jose is an excellent physiotherapist, very positive and calm. Encouraging people to do what they have to do. We’ve been to other therapists who were very negative and put great pressure about Vojta and overall”.

“I would recommend Jose without hesitation”.

“Jose helped us a lot. Great approach to the child, super friendly and I find Jose the best therapist so far”

“We are very thankful to have met Jose. He is a kind person, empathetic with his patients. Thanks to him we have so many improvements. We thank him for his patience and involvement”.

“Jose has an uncanny ability to understand how one’s body works (or does not) and knows how to motivate you to go through the (occasionally painful) steps required to sort out the injury related issues that life brings. He is also a lovely chap, who builds a very deep sense of trust”.

“Jose is a very knowledgeable professional and very patient with children. He is always finding the way to engage the children in the therapy”.

Service Evaluation Survey

Data obtained from a patient in treatment within a range of up-to-14 years in 5 sessions, and who replied to the Service Evaluation survey.

Was the patient initially seeking Vojta Therapy?

36% were not looking specifically for Vojta Therapy
64% were looking specifically for Vojta Therapy

How would you rate your overall experience?

Rated: 9.6/10

How would you rate Jose’s knowledge/professionalism?  

Rated: 9.8/10

How would you rate Jose’s empathy / personal approach?

Rated: 9.8/10

Following treatment, rate how worthy you found the service considering the end result and effort required?

Rated: 9.3/10

How would you rate the improvements in your 2 goals that you wanted to improve upon?

1.39%Didn’t improve/ Deteriorated
5.56%Not enough improvements according to my expectations
62.50%Improvements met my understanding of the condition
30.56%Improvements exceeded my expectations


Overall, what percentage amount would you attribute to Jose’s treatment in terms of improvements in function or symptoms?

Rated: 84.5%

Our expert neuro physio team:

Jose Manuel Sanz Mengibar

Jose Manuel Sanz Mengibar

Neurological Physiotherapist & Vojta Therapist

Jonathan Zulueta

Jonathan Zulueta

Vestibular Consultant Physiotherapist, Neck Pain

A Metro news article featuring one of Jose’s clients, a young boy with cerebral palsy and a rare condition called Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS) and his mother:

Young boy benefits from, Vojta therapy

We are here to help you: we offer solutions.

Key benefits of seeing our neuro physio specialists at Balance:

  • Get back to what you enjoy doing
  • Keep active, independent and strong
  • An opportunity to work on your strength and fitness in our safe and friendly gym and studio environments
  • Develop a personal exercise programme – to implement at home or at your gym
  • Monitor your progress and keep you ‘on track’
  • Maximise your potential
  • If you have lost function and cannot now participate in your previously enjoyed activities we can help you discover new opportunities for you to explore and fulfil your potential.

Book with our neuro physio experts Jose or Jonathan by phone on 020-76272308 or submit an enquiry using the box at the top of the right hand column on this page.