Specialist assessment and rehabilitation

Our foot and ankle specialist is a podiatrist – Benn Boshell. Podiatry is a specialised area that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of bio-mechanical foot and lower limb problems

Podiatry offers long term solutions to existing injuries or painful conditions and is an essential step after any orthopaedic or surgical procedure. It can also be an effective way of protecting you and keeping you in your game, or the activities you have a passion for, for longer without sustaining further injury. 

Our podiatrist will focus primarily on accurately assessing the biomechanics of your feet and legs. Benn will observe how your foot, ankle and lower limbs interact with the surface beneath them as you walk and run, skip or jump, to determine how this has caused your specific foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip or lower back problem.

After assessment a course of action can be proposed, the cause of many foot and ankle problems – plantar fasciitis (heel pain) for example – is ‘multifactorial’, meaning that it is caused by a number of individual factors. Consequently there is rarely one single method of treatment recommended for use in isolation. Therefore we often use multiple treatment modalities at the same time, depending on the stage of recovery you are in. For example…

  • “stretching” exercises to lengthen your muscles, improve flexibility and extensibility
  • strengthening exercises to target weakened movements that cause an abnormal walking or running pattern, or reduce your ability to generate force for jumping or absorb a landing.
  • insoles, custom/semi-customised orthotics or other footwear modifications to reduce biomechanical stresses that you can’t currently deal with yourself.
  • soft tissue therapy in the form of sports massage or self-massage using trigger point or muscletrac rollers.
  • weight loss, your body adapts to the loads you place -or don’t place – upon it. So reducing bodyweight can often be an essential part of treatment.
  • movement, your body adapts to the loads you place – or don’t place – upon it. So modifying movement patterns and habits can often be an essential part of rehabilitation.

Benn uses his specialist knowledge of foot, ankle and lower limb biomechanics to guide our physiotherapists, osteopath, movement and conditioning coaches, soft tissue therapists (sports masseurs), Pilates instructors, and the whole team to ensure you get back as soon as possible to whatever it is you do, at a level higher than you were before.