Shoulder Specialist Physiotherapy

London Shoulder Clinic

Although we deal with absolutely any injury, painful episode, weakness, tightness or any other dysfunction we have an abundance of experience working with clients who have experienced shoulder pain and dysfunction. Whether through sports injury, or secondary to work related tensions and stresses, or following reconstructive or corrective surgery we work with our clients until they are absolutely confident they can return to their chosen sports or activities with absolute confidence.

Confident to put weight through it, confident to roll over it, confident to fall on it, confident to hang and swing, do a pull-up or pull a dead weight, push your bodyweight off the floor, press weight overhead, carry – overhead or underarm, hit – a person or a golf ball, smash – a brick or a tennis serve. Confident to reach through a full range of movement and manipulate objects at the end of your range.

To discuss the specifics of your shoulder injury call us or have your surgeon write us a referral letter. If no-one is available when you call leave your name and number and one of the relevant team – physiotherapist or osteopath, movement or strength and conditioning coach – will call you back to answer your questions or help you make a plan.