Running Analysis and Coaching London

You may run seriously and competitively.You may run for enjoyment, good health and as a natural part of being human. Or you may see running simply as an aspect of your sport or fitness regime. Whatever your reasons you should acknowledge that running is a movement skill. Like all skills the skill of running needs ongoing refinement, maintenance and for many of us further development.

The way you run, without doubt, determines both how efficient a runner you are – and economical with your energy – and how vulnerable to stress, strain and injury you are. By working in a variety of sports at different levels of performance we have gained a wealth of knowledge in analysing applied running movement.

Running analysis at Balance Performance:

At Balance Performance Physiotherapy we have a wealth of experience in working with runners.   Our specialist running therapists are passionate, knowledgeable and expert in all things running.

Running is very individual.  Some prefer distance others prefer speed. Some do it for weight loss and others for stress relief.  Some do it for fun.

Everyone runs for their own reason but injury is commonly caused by overload.  Overload occurs when training load exceeds your body’s ability to tolerate it.  Simple!

Running is the most popular and easily accessible activity worldwide but we believe at Balance that running is foremost a skill that we can all learn!

We believe running is a skill made from the interrelating components of technique, strength, and mobility. In addressing these core elements you can improve your ability to tolerate load, which can reduce injury, improve performance and most importantly keep you running.

Don’t wait until you’re injured; learn the skill of running before you’re forced to walk!!

Our running analysis session is 60 minutes.  This is what you receive:

  • Video analysis of your running technique
  • Assessment of function, strength and mobility
  • Review of your current training programme
  • Individualised, manageable running specific exercises
  • As appropriate direction towards another specialist on the team: strength and conditioning coach, movement specialist, podiatrist etc

If you require further information please contact us on 0207 627 2308 and ask to speak with physiotherapists Anthony, Jo Coates or Running Coach Ben.