Al Riley

I’m absolutely over the moon to have just run a marathon with a PB of 2:58, which would not have been possible without the excellent service at Balance. A year ago I developed a sudden painful hip problem so I immediately sought help from Balance because they’ve always been great in helping me work through injuries. Sophia Busfield did an amazing and thorough job rehabbing my hip and I was able to run again pain free…until I developed an Achilles problem halfway through the year. At this rate I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t even make it to the start line. I then had regular sessions with Anthony Adesanmi who gave me a tailored programme of strengthening and flexibility while monitoring my progress. Amazingly, I was able to begin my training schedule on time and managed to run 50+ miles per week, setting a 10k PB along the way. I can’t recommend Balance highly enough – every time I’ve had a running injury, they’ve been able to diagnose the issue quickly, provide focussed rehab exercises and make me a stronger and more resilient runner as a result.