Podiatry: Sports, backs and orthopaedics

Podiatry: foot and ankle specialist

Podiatry: Sports injuries , back pain and orthopaedics are all areas our podiatrist can be influential in.

Podiatry is a specialised area that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of bio-mechanical foot and lower limb problems.

  • Our podiatrist can work with any of your foot, ankle and lower limb injuries and plan your entire rehabilitation programme whether post-operatively or following injury.

Our podiatrist will focus primarily on accurately assessing the biomechanics of your feet and legs. Observe how your limbs interact with the ground beneath them as you walk and run to determine how this has caused your specific foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip or lower back problem.

As well as guiding you through an effective rehabilitation programme other interventions are available:

Our highly skilled podiatrist is Michael Pearce. Michael will guide you through the entire treatment and rehabilitation process combining his knowledge with other professionals on the Balance team as necessary eg. physiotherapist, osteopath, movement and conditioning coach, soft tissue therapist (sports masseurs). This will ensure you get back as soon as possible to whatever it is you enjoy doing.

Podiatry offers long term solutions to existing injuries or as a way of keeping you in your game or the activities you have a passion for for longer without sustaining further injury. It also an essential step after any orthopaedic or surgical procedure.

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