Our highly experienced sports injury team led by Graham Anderson is without doubt a team to feel confident in. All of our therapists have worked extensively with sports people and outdoor enthusiasts, from all levels of ability and a massive diversity of disciplines. If you want to get better and then perform better then you are in safe hands. “We Can Make you Better” has been one of our mantras since 2001 and we have been evolving our skills in achieving this since then.

From major trauma and reconstructive surgery to minor sporting injuries – none should be neglected. A lack of understanding – on your behalf, a lack of good (and reliable) advice, and an excess of passive rather than active treatment can result in long absences from the activities you enjoy, even permanent damage.

Incomplete rehab is a common mistake, and lack of progression in the exercises and drills you’ve been given will leave you incredibly frustrated. Don’t let that happen, talk with us and lets work together to put you back on the road to recovery. When you return to training and practice be 100% confident you have a sustainable plan for ongoing improvement.
If you are not sure what service you need call and ask to speak to one of the team.