Feeling pain or discomfort whilst cycling?

Our physio cycling analysis is perfect for you if you have any injuries which are impairing your riding or you think your bike set up could be contributing to pain whilst on the bike.


We combine musculoskeletal assessments off the bike alongside video analysis filming you from the front, side and back whilst riding on the bike using specialist bike fitting biomechanics software. Frame by frame detail can show us asymmetries and problem areas at notably the back, hip, knee, foot over pedal/cleat position.

This bikefit comes with the added value of the combined expertise of a physio and bike fitter working together with you (and your bike) at the same time. We diagnose your injuries, adjust any contact points on your bike and cleat position to improve your bike set up, offer postural and riding technique tips, and prescribe a treatment and exercise plan to get you riding strong and injury free!

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