Pelvic girdle pain

What is it?

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) is an all-encompassing term for pain anywhere around your pelvic ring (i.e. back, hips, groin, thighs). Previously known as pubic symphysis dysfunction, it is a common occurrence in pregnancy but also in sports – men and women.

The pelvic girdle is an amazing ring of bones around the lowest part of your torso.  There are 3 joints in this ring, one at the front (pubic symphysis joint) and 2 at the back (sacroiliac joints). These 3 joints and their surrounding muscles are the root cause of PGP.

When will I feel it?

In general symptoms are worse during weight bearing or asymmetrical activities, for example;

  • turning over in bed,
  • walking or running
  • using stairs,
  • climbing, descending hills
  • getting out of a chair or car
  • standing on one leg (whether putting on socks or performing any number of yoga asanas)
  • swimming breaststroke
  • at the end of the day

What can be done about it?

 Lots! First of all come to Balance for an assessment with our pelvic/women’s/men’s health specialists – Jo Fordyce to identify the cause of your particular symptoms. They will tailor a specific set of interventions and corrections to meet your needs that may include:

  • Manual therapy will help the pelvic joints function better and also release over working muscles.
  • Exercises that will strengthen and correct muscle imbalances.
  • Lifestyle changes will address and adapt any aggravating activities so that you can enjoy your pregnancy without pain.



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