ONLINE Fitness training

Strength, endurance, conditioning. Flexibility, mobility, movement skills. Kettlebells, bands, bodyweight, zero equipment. Cycling fitness and home studio cycle training. All-welcome, children and adults of any age or ability.

home fitness, kettlebells, with Svetlana

Even online you can benefit immensely from the Balance Performance team of strength and fitness professionals. Our strength and fitness team has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge. Furthermore they live, breath and practice what they teach every single day. So join them now online!

Click their name to find out how to connect with them:

    • Kettlebell classes and one-2-one training with Svetlana.
    • Strength and conditioning from home with minimal or no equipment, with Sabina Skala. See details on her profile page.
    • Fitness band, bodyweight circuit or HIIT training with Ron Burnett – Strong Tribe Fitness.
    • Flow to Restore Yoga classes and one-2-one yoga practice with Zsofia – go to her profile for more detail.
    • Cycling fitness and on-bike “studio” sessions with Pat Leahy at Speedlab UK call him directly on 07944 801662 or contact him via the Speedlab UK contact page.
    • Fitness for the Over-60s, considering balance and falls vulnerability with Jonathan Zulueta – go to his profile for more detail.

ONLINE Wellness practices and mental health

Breathwork, hypnotherapy, mindful movement practices, meditation

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic you may well be experiencing increased mental health pressures. So now is the perfect time to begin wellness practices of breathing, movement or meditation. Alternatively it may be time to address and combat excessive levels of stress and anxiety that have held you back for many years.

  • Connect and speak with Richard Lepper of The Milton Practice for solution based hypnotherapy. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has helped people the world over cope with specific issues, change unwanted habits, overcome addictions, fears and phobias. To deal with trauma or loss, cope with chronic pain or illness, as well as to cope with unwanted symptoms, behaviours, emotions or thoughts.
  • Breathing practices are fundamental to achieve physical and mental health, emotional stability and all your wellness efforts. You can learn these practices and experience the power of breath work with Anthony Clegg.