Time to buy a new bike?

Whether you’re looking at buying your first road bike or custom building your n+1 dream bike we will ensure you choose wisely the best bike model, size, spec and set up for your chosen riding needs.

With hundreds of brands and numerous models of bike available, making the right choice can be a very difficult task. Our years of experience bikefitting and unbiased recommendations will guide you against an incorrect purchase on an inappropriate or ill-fitting bike.

Included in this fit: Retul 3D motion capture bikefit on the Retul Muve dynamic jig to find your optimal position – Try different size bars, stems, crank length, saddles and pedals to see which best works for you – Recommendations of best bike solutions included with the detailed Retul fit report – Unlimited support post fit helping you with your new bike purchase – Set your new bike up to the perfect position in a final fitting