Movement Training

Movement Training

Good Movement is essential for our health not an added bonus or something needed only by elite dancers, martial artists, professionals sports people and athletes. Deeply entrenched habits of diverse and robust movement are absolutely essential for our good health: all of our internal organs, as well as our muscles, skeleton and nervous system rely on movement to stimulate repair, growth, and ongoing good function.

Irrespective of how much time you spend on your strength and endurance you will never reach your potential (athletic or otherwise) without a solid foundation in movement .

Why work with a movement coach?

  • Movement that flows is efficient: it places less stress on the body’s structures and requires less energy.
  • Accurate movement reduces the chance for error and vulnerability to injury, it reduces the tension and pain we experience.
  • Our movement coaches Mike Doxey, Sean O’Leary and Jonathan Lewis will observe you move, identify the obstacles to free flowing movement and then help you overcome them.
  • When we see good movement it is accurate and controlled; it is fluid, performed with ease can be repeated time and time again.

What is involved in a movement session?

  • Movement sessions are challenging but incredibly satisfying and ultimately, when things flow, transformational.
  • We observe your approach to performing normal movement patterns to identify the inaccuracies you have developed, they present in many different ways!
  • These inaccuracies will hold you back and prevent continued progression in your rehabilitation, or in performance of your sports and other physical pursuits
  • We use a variety of techniques, movement drills, movement puzzles, balance and co-ordination exercises to overcome your movement errors and inconsistencies.
  • We will show you how to develop a heightened awareness that will enable you to achieve whole body alignment.
  • We can show you how to develop your own movement practice
  • If you already practice yoga, qigong or some other movement practice we can observe you performing specific forms that you find challenging and improve them.
  • We can guide you to incorporate more movement into daily life, at work, at home, whilst commuting etc
  • We’ll encourage you to “tune” your lifestyle in a way that will develop greater resilience, which is an essential trait for good health.

How many sessions will I need?

  • It’s a frustrating answer, but it depends. What are your goals? what is your existing level of skill and understanding? how much do you want to invest (time and money)?
  • Two sessions can be enough to get an understanding and start you on the right path. A movement practice is only successful if repeated frequently over a lifetime but seeing one of our coaches doesn’t have to be a life long commitment.
  • Often after people have got the movement concept and begun to adopt a habit of daily movement practice and move more as a function of daily life they use ongoing sessions as personal fitness training. We combine movement to warm-up, mobilise and condition with the use of other tools from kettlebells to medicine balls to rubberbands to speed agility quickness course.

What next?

If you are interested in movement, a daily movement practice, modifying daily habits and rituals – the ones that influence the way you move and the way you feel, and in the postures and positions you choose and the alignments you achieve then call us and book a session – 02076272308 or use our contact page and send us an enquiry. You don’t have to be having therapy here to come and see our movement coaches.