Health and Wellness

 health and wellness

At Balance we are committed to go beyond the narrow confines of injury and pain – they are unavoidable challenges of life, and we have evolved past the narrow focus of fitness and sport as the primary means to achieve good health. We address the bigger more influential activities and functions that determine health:

  • movement
  • food
  • sleep
  • mindfulness (a more sustainable approach to stress management)

Balance Performance Physiotherapy makes most people think of injuries, rehabilitation, getting back to sport after injury, or rehabilitating back to work and full function after a painful episode of neck or back pain. But physiotherapists, osteopaths, movement strength and conditioning coaches, dieticians, soft tissue therapists are health professionals, at Balance we take that responsibility seriously.

As well as the broad categories above you will see we offer services relating to more specific areas of health:

  • women’s health – ante natal, post-natal and menopausal;
  • pelvic health, sexual health and continence for men and women;
  • personal health and fitness – from 1-to-1 fitness, posture and alignment training, to our class programme and the pilates studio;
  • returning to optimal health following neurological disease, trauma or longer standing problems;
  • 1-to-1 consultations guiding you through habit modifications to achieve greater resilience, a complete state of health and longevity.