Fitness and wellness offerings.

Our coaches and teachers continue to offer you the very best movement and wellness practices, physical fitness training, strength and conditioning experiences. Our exceptional team offer Kettlebells, bodyweight and band conditioning, HIIT training, movement and breathing, yoga and dancing. They will guide you skilfully through the process of beginning, progressing, sustaining, or cultivating your health, fitness, and wellness routines.

What is health?

At Balance Performance we place a very high value on our own and the wider communities health. Health is best seen as the “…ability to adapt and self-manage, in light of the physical, emotional and social challenges of life”. This a very useful definition formulated by Machteld Huber and Marja van Vliet, and one that resonates strongly with us here.

Fitness and wellness ONLINE

You’ll see the section above on the online services being offered but here is a quick summary of what this incredibly experienced team is offering.

  • Breathing Practices. Develop greater awareness and conscious breathing skills with Jonathan Lewis or Anthony Clegg. In short, the benefits of exploring your breath are life changing and empowering!
  • Move more intelligently, move with greater skill and exuberance with Julien Diaz. You will work hard but it will be an intelligent sweat that you generate. A former professional ballet dancer, Julien can also put you through a dance oriented session.
  • Begin a yoga practice. Or perhaps if you already practice yoga then take the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yoga with Zsofia Nyakas.

If the offerings above are not what you are looking for take a look at what the next 3 coaches are offering.

  • Kettlebell strength and conditioning training at home or in our gym/studio with Svetlana. Svetlana has been teaching high quality kettlebell classes longer than any other teacher in London!
  • Strength endurance, mobility and skills work with world class coach Sabina. So, take the opportunity and train virtually with Sabina via video, workout with minimal or no equipment at all.
  • Circuits or HIIT training, bodyweight and bands, fitness and flexibility with Ron Burnett. Ron is ready and very able to add an extra dimension to your physical training at home.