Dietician service

It’s simple enough, as Michael Pollen the author of one of our recommended books “Food Rules” says

“Eat food, mainly plants, not too much”

We realise that for many people it’s easier said than done. So at Balance we offer evidence-based nutrition from world-leading dieticians in the form of Sophie Medlin and Chloe Elliott.

Sophie Medlin – adult nutrition

Sophie Medlin is a well-recognised, leading dietitian in London with expertise in gastrointestinal and colorectal health. Sophie worked as a lecturer and researcher at King’s College London before leaving to set up her company. She has a busy private practice and is a go-to spokesperson for media when it comes to evidence-based nutrition, regularly featuring in print media, social media, and on radio and television. Sophie has specialist knowledge and skills in sports nutrition as well as the management of medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and digestive disorders. Sophie had a successful career in the NHS before moving to academia and private practice in 2013, and has a passion for promoting evidence-based nutrition.

Chloe Elliott – children’s dietician

Chloe Elliott is a specialist paediatric dietitian working in a world-leading NHS children’s hospital in London. In Chloe’s current role she sees patients in both an inpatient and outpatient setting, providing evidence-based advice to optimise children’s nutrition.

Chloe can offer nutritional advice for:

  • multiple food allergies
  • fussy eaters
  • faltering growth
  • weight management
  • healthy eating advice
  • vitamin and mineral assessment

Consulting with a dietitian can help you with:

  • Blood-sugar management and type-2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular health including high blood-pressure and cholesterol
  • Digestive and gut health
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Healthy ageing, in particular joint and bone health in the elderly
  • Mood, stress and anxiety
  • Pregnancy requirements and infant nutrition
  • sporting and event performance

What do you feel you need?

Health, Wellness and Energy

  • Do you need to maximise your opportunity to reduce pain and come back from injury?
  • Do you feel that improving your diet is needed to reduce the symptoms of a particular illness or condition you are suffering – IBS, adrenal fatigue, low energy, chronic pain, MS or other auto-immune disease
  • Are you preparing for an event – marathon, ultra distance run, bike or swim, a trek, and need to meet increased energy demands and the challenges to recovery that come with an increased volume and intensity of training

Weight loss

  • Do you need to lose bodyweight to improve your health in some way? to reduce the risk of diabetes for example.
  • Do you want to reduce bodyweight or body fat to simply feel better, to be more mobile and agile? To walk or run with less joint pain?
  • Do you want to reduce your body fat and increase/preserve muscle mass for sports performance, or to make a weight division?
  • Do you frequently cut weight for a weight categorized event – Bjj, Thai Boxing, MMA etc? If so do it safely and maintain maximum energy and mental clarity – it can be done!

What is on offer exactly?

  • One to one consultation and follow up sessions to monitor progress.
  • Assessment of current diet, medical problems and interpretation of test results to determine future health risks. You will complete some paperwork – food diary and questionnaire before the consultation.
  • Comprehensive analysis of diet and eating patterns.
  • Estimation of energy and nutrient requirements to ensure nutritional needs are met.
  • Education to clarify and demystify the current fad diets and food myths
  • Guide and inform you to understand your individual requirements and the possible modifications you may need if adopting a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle, or perhaps beginning a Paleo, gluten free, or ketogenic diet.
  • To book an appointment call 02076272308
  • For further queries still give Balance a call or use our contact form and we can get Sophie or Chloe to get back to you