BALANCE PERFORMANCE SERVICES DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC – physiotherapy and fitness Clapham (updated 5th January 2021)

Physiotherapy and fitness and wellbeing for the people of Clapham and beyond.

Services available at Balance Performance during National lockdown restrictions:

In compliance with Gov.UK rules during this current (January 2021) National Lockdown Balance will continue to offer treatment to our clients – existing and new clients, urgent and non-urgent.

For those who believe treatment of their injury, painful condition, or the ongoing rehabilitation or illness  can be delivered adequately online using Zoom (or similar) video sessions we will do so.

COVID secure protocols

We continue to observe enhanced COVID secure protocols, including cleaning and wiping down of treatment areas and equipment after every session, wearing of appropriate PPE, ventilation and distancing, and health checks of both staff and clients attending the facility.

We can not offer indoor, gym or studio based fitness sessions – either one-to-one or our group kettlebell, pilates or yoga classes. These services are available exclusively online.

If you are unsure about your appointment please do call or email us. If you are uncomfortable or feel apprehensive about attending in-person offer online – Zoom, Skype etc, sessions

The government allowed physiotherapy and osteopathic practices to remain open throughout the first lockdown, during that time our COVID-secure policies were set and have evolved to meet the demands of this fluid and ongoing situation. We continue to meet the needs of our existing clients and continue to welcome new clients.

We remain vigilant and cautious for the health and safety of our team and the communities of Clapham, Stockwell and Brixton and others around London.

Aside from the in-person sessions being delivered at our Clapham North facility, physiotherapy, osteopathy, fitness and wellness sessions are also available online – most often using Zoom.

“I don’t know what I would have done if you guys weren’t open during lockdown.” – Matt C (using our AlterG to regain his fully weight-bearing walking ability following hip surgery).
“Excellent staff, easy location. Very well cleaned and cared for in COVID times.” Wayne M via Google Review.

The Balance Performance Physiotherapy physiotherapy, osteopathy, and massage team in Gauden Road (Clapham, SW4 6LE) continues to offer in-person sessions to new and existing clients. Call us or make use of our contact form and let us know how we can help you.

We can address:

  • your back and neck pain – whether it is new today or ongoing and persistent. We are seeing so many people now who have acquired spinal pains as a direct result of new and disruptive home working patterns.
  • Rehabilitation following injury, trauma, fractures and orthopaedic surgery.
  • Your home working set-up and advice on movement around it to avoid unnecessary pain. Also known as Ergonomics
  • Women and men’s health concerns including pelvic floor and continence issues. We continue to offer Mummy MOTs (a health, well-being and fitness check for New Mums). Whether it is a face to face visit or a zoom session to save you a journey to us with your baby you will receive excellent advice and guidance from Jo Fordyce.

Mummy MOT by consultant women's health physiotherapist Jo Fordyce

  • Over-60’s health and fitness. Balance and falls prevention. Staying fit, healthy and well during and in the wake of prolonged periods of movement restrictions and isolation can be challenging. But we have experts with tremendous knowledge and experience to get you back on track or get started from scratch.
  • Fitness and conditioning for everyone! It is essential to supplement your daily walk, run or cycle.
  • Mental health and wellbeing – at this time more than ever, your mental, physical and emotional health requires your attention.

The extent of Balance’s services

Below you will see the extent of the services we continue to provide during this current challenge, for your ongoing health and well-being.



In-person assessment, treatment and rehabilitation

We have a large team of physiotherapists and osteopath from a number of specialities to help you. You can check out our  professionals individual profiles on the team page, including our consultant physiotherapists: Dr. Lucy Goldby, Graham Anderson, Sophia Busfield, Caroline Curtis, Jose Manuel Sanz Mengibar and Jonathan Zulueta.

As part of our COVID-secure policy which includes use of PPE and social distancing we determine a base level of health for our team and all visitors. To determine this, on arrival, everyone has their temperature taken and is screened for general wellness and recent health. You will need to wear a face mask in our reception area and depending on the nature of the session during your physiotherapy or osteopathy.


Although we have found some people would rather have a virtual session than come in to see us there are some reasons where it may be in your best interests to have a face-to-face consultation. These include:

    • During your online consultation you mention signs or symptoms that we can only check and clear by seeing you in-person.
    • It is obvious that you will suffer increasing pain or dysfunction if you do not receive rehabilitative physiotherapy or osteopathy, that includes hands on techniques
    • If you have recently had an operation, suffered a fracture or were discharged from hospital early whilst still needing further rehabilitation.
    • If you have suffered an Injury or illnesses that has caused debilitating dizziness or vertigo. You may gain great relief only by coming in to see Jonathan Zulueta. Contact us and Jonathan will speak to you directly about this.


Physiotherapy, osteopathy, rehabilitation consultation using online technologies

We love providing our physiotherapy, osteopathy, fitness and massage services in-person to our Clapham community and it is important to us at Balance that we continue to support our clients through this challenging time. So if you decide you would prefer online video consultations and treatment sessions, or due to your health status you really must only be seen online we will provide the highest standard of care and guidance possible. We can provide virtual sessions for new and existing clients.

Virtual online consultations can be an extremely effective way of managing injuries and conditions. These consultations are hugely empowering, giving you the knowledge and skills to recover from your condition. There is no better time to tap into your own self-awareness and self-management abilities. We can help give you greater confidence and sense of control.

In virtual physiotherapy sessions we can:

-screen for serious conditions.

-discuss your symptoms.

-assess your movement and clinical tests.

-demonstrate self treatment techniques.

-design a bespoke exercise plan using your available resources, tailored to your specific goals.

-give professional advice and education.

We can also address Balance and dizziness, and falls prevention

Especially but not exclusively for the over-60s, consult with our expert Jonathan Zuluetago to his profile for more detail.


Women’s Health Consultations

If you have had a baby recently, are looking for a Mummy MOT, a post natal check, Consultant Physiotherapist Jo Fordyce can see you for a face to face session or via Skype or Zoom for a virtual consultation in the comfort of your home.

A Mummy MOT can include any or all of the below.

  • Individual assessment to provide a bespoke treatment plan for
  • Advice and exercises for your ‘tummy gap’  (diastasis recti).
  • Bladder, bowel , sexual concerns post birth,
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercise education
  • Advice / education for exercises to do at your stage post-natally , as well as getting you back to the exercise/sport you were doing pre pregnancy.
  • Posture check, ergonomic advice with daily activities with your baby.

If you would like to speak to Jo before booking in, please do email or call Balance,

Mummy MOT by consultant women's health physiotherapist Jo Fordyce. For womens physiotherapy and fitness clapham

1 in every 3 women are affected by women’s health problems over their lifetime. In addition to pregnancy the other stage of life that symptoms are often more noticeable is around the Menopause. But whatever the stage of life you are at, if you have any concerns regarding bladder leakage, prolapse, pelvic floor muscle weakness, contact Jo via Balance’s contact page. Do NOT sit and suffer.


Strength and fitness, kettlebells, bands, yoga, over-60s, HIIT and circuit training

Even online you can benefit immensely from the Balance Performance team of strength and fitness professionals. Our strength and fitness team has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge. Furthermore they live, breath and practice what they teach every single day. So join them now online!

    • Kettlebell classes and one-2-one training with Svetlana.
    • Strength and conditioning from home with minimal or no equipment, with Sabina Skala. See details on her profile page.
    • Fitness band, bodyweight circuit or HIIT training with Ron Burnett – Strong Tribe Fitness.
    • Fitness for the Over-60s, considering balance and falls vulnerability with Jonathan Zulueta – go to his profile for more detail.
    • Yoga classes and one-2-one yoga practice with Zsofia – go to her profile for more detail.


Online Wellness practices and mental health

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic you may well be experiencing increased mental health pressures. So now is the perfect time to begin wellness practices of breathing, movement or meditation. Alternatively it may be time to address and combat excessive levels of stress and anxiety that have held you back for many years.

  • Connect and speak with Richard Lepper of The Milton Practice for solution based hypnotherapy. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has helped people the world over cope with specific issues, change unwanted habits, overcome addictions, fears and phobias. To deal with trauma or loss, cope with chronic pain or illness, as well as to cope with unwanted symptoms, behaviours, emotions or thoughts.
  • Breathing practices are fundamental to achieve physical and mental health, emotional stability and all your wellness efforts. You can learn these practices and experience the power of breath work with Jonathan Lewis or Anthony Clegg.


Telephone advice

The recent changes in our circumstances have forced us to change our habits and routines. Although this has offered us great opportunities some of these changes will leave us vulnerable to new niggles, pains and injuries. If you are concerned but not sure if you really need a session – in-person or virtual – give us a call or use our contact page and we can organise a call.

Physiotherapy, wellness and fitness support in Clapham

If there is some other way we can continue to support you with physiotherapy, wellness and fitness in Clapham and beyond let us know! DO NOT PUT IT OFF, contact us via the contact page: CONTACT PAGE.