Whatever your health, wellness, sport and fitness goals are you will find a class at Balance that is fun, effective, satisfying, engaging AND will guide you successfully to your goals.


  • Kettlebells (London’s longest running class with Svetlana RKC/CKT)
    • Beginners and all levels of practitioner welcome to improve their technique – Wednesday 7pm
    • Strength/Conditioning/Fitness Kettlebell classes for advancing practitioners Monday and Wednesday 8pm
    • Women only Kettlebell class – 30 min’s Tuesday 10:15am and Friday 9:30am
  • Women Only Core Fitness Class – Tuesday 09:30am and Friday 10:15am
  • Men Only Core Fitness Class – coming soon!
  • Roll and Recover Class using BlackRoll, Trigger Point Therapy (TPT), Back Nodger and other self-massage tools to educate you on best techniques for recovery (sport, gym or office tensions)
  • Pilates – beginners and intermediate,
  • Yoga every Tuesday morning, all welcome
  • Women only classes are suitable for most women’s post-natal fitness and babies/young children are welcomed and kept occupied.

The Foam Rolling/BlackRoll/TPT/self-massage/self-Myofascial therapy class is a FREE class held every Sunday morning at 10am

Our classes have a strong focus on effective technique and quality instruction. Participant numbers are kept low, whilst standard of  teaching is always high.

Overall fitness, strength, endurance, resilience, flexibility, fluid movement, core stability, injury prevention and recovery, there is a class for everyone – including 30 min classes for mums with preschoolers.

Click on specific classes below for further information on that class.

Class cards: buy a 5 or 10 class card and save over £5.00 a session

Call 020 7627 2308 for more information and to book on or ask further questions via our contact page

If you want to come around and take a look at our 7,000 square foot facility first – including ergonomics studio (home/office equipment & set-up), gym, movement and class space let us know and we’ll show you around.