Bandit Circuit Class is not your average Circuit class! It is a MUST try BANDIT circuit class with Ron Burnett!

The Bandit Circuit Class is an exceptional fitness class with “Strong Tribe Fitness” creator Ron Burnett. You can add great gains to your fitness with regular attendance of this circuit training session.

This is as intense as you’d like it to be, experimental but challenging workout, stacks of personal attention, guidance and feedback, music to motivate. 

“I use resistance bands to change your body shape, get your heart pumping and increase your body and core Ron Burnett teaches the Bandit Circuit Class at Balance Performance every Saturdaystrength.  This is for both men and women wanting to achieve an athletic body.”

“It is also ideal for those people going through rehabilitation, and the Balance physiotherapists and osteopaths make good use of this class to supplement the rehab programmes of their clients. And quite a few of the Balance team come along for their own fitness”.

You’ll get:

  • a great workout
  • motivational music
  • supportive atmosphere
  • lovely people to train with
  • creative exercises and drills
  • workout variety
  • an exceptional and experienced class teacher

Every Saturday morning 08.45am

What more do you want?!!

Oh…we also have a good stretch to recover on completion.

Oh oh….We also have a lot of fun!!


If you are taking care of your own rehabilitation and recovering from an injury, illness or surgery let us know. Can you see the benefit of joining a class in a safe and supportive environment? If you do but would like some extra guidance on how to mange your training or reassurance that the Bandit Circuit Class is suitable for you then contact us and we can have a conversation.

Call 02076272308 and ask to talk with Ron or one of the injury or back pain team. Alternatively use the contact form and we can use email: contact form URL.