An exceptional High Intensity Interval Training session….

This isn’t your average HIIT! It is a MUST try BANDIT HIIT class!

This is an intense, experimental but challenging, music fuelled workout. 

I use resistance bands to change your body shape, get your heart pumping and increase your body and core strength.  This is for both men and women wanting to achieve an athletic body.

It is also ideal for those people going through rehabilitation, and the Balance physiotherapists and osteopaths make good use of this class to supplement their rehab programmes.

You’ll get:

  • a Great workout
  • Great music
  • Great atmosphere
  • Great people
  • Great workout variety
  • Great instructor

Every THURSDAY evening!

What more do you want?!!

Oh…we also have a good stretch to recover on completion.

Oh oh….We also have a lot of fun!!

Thursday 19:00-20:00