Clapham Fitness Classes at Balance


Currently our Clapham Fitness Classes are suspended.

All of our teachers, coaches, and personal trainers are working exclusively ONLINE. For more on what is available visit the “online fitness and wellness training” page:

Our classes in Clapham are effective and engaging, what’s more they are fun and enjoyable.

Whatever your goals they can play a part in your success. As well as those with health and fitness aspirations our classes are perfect for those of you in rehabilitation as well. Let the teacher know so they can guide you personally to maximise the benefits of their class for your rehabilitation.

Kettlebells (London’s longest running class is with Svetlana RKC/CKT)

    • Strength/Conditioning/Fitness Kettlebell classes for advancing practitioners
    • Beginners and any practitioner wishing to improve their technique
    • Women only kettlebells 30 minutes with Regan – womens health specialist

Yoga – Flow to Restore with Zsófia

    • all levels welcome to this mindful flow, integrated with yin and restorative yoga class

Women Only Core Fitness 30 minute classes

    • toddlers welcome and entertained! 4 womens only classes every week (also see the kettlebell page)

Pilates Classes

    • beginners and intermediate classes

BANDIT Circuit Class – Live Stronger

    • circuit interval training with resistance bands and bodyweight training: perfect for fitness AND end-stage rehab.

Roll and Recover Class

    • using BlackRoll, Trigger Point Therapy (TPT), PulseRoll vibration, Back Nodger and other self-massage tools. Educate yourself on best techniques for recovery and rehabilitaiton (sport, gym or office tensions). ESSENTIAL AND FREE

We place a strong emphasis on clear accurate instruction and effective technique. To help this participant numbers are low whilst teaching standards are exceptionally high.

Our classes in Clapham offer opportunities to all those seeking

  • overall fitness,
  • strength,
  • endurance,
  • flexibility or
  • core strength,
  • mindful relaxation and well-being

we have a class to suit.

Do you need:

  • greater resilience,
  • fluid and efficient movement skills,
  • better abilities for recovery.
  • to improve your physical and mental health and well-being whilst reducing pain, stress and anxiety

if you do, we have a class for you too! We even have 30 min classes that will suit mums: preschoolers are welcome here.

  • You will find more specific classes information on the individual class pages. Follow the links

Class cards: buy a 5 or 10 class card and save £££ every session

Call 020 7627 2308 for more information and to book on or ask further questions via our contact page

If you want to come around and take a look at our 7,000 square foot facility first – including the studios and gym space let us know and we’ll show you around.