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Balancing Breathing and Breathwork – in-person or virtual sessions.A drop of water splashes in to still water. The spalsh looks like a figure, the original drop being the head. The presence of the ripple adds an outer apsect to the inner.

Breathing is life! It is the foundation of everything we do, think and feel. It’s no accident that it’s the one autonomic (unconscious) function of a complex human system that we can also control consciously.

Breathing efficiency is now a major consideration for the peak performance of elite athletes, CEO’s in business, and anyone interested in living a more fulfilling and stress free life.


With the breath we can alter our physical structure, our internal physiology and mental state

In recent years scientists have “discovered” much of what yogi’s, qigong masters, martial arts masters, shamans and other healers have known and taught  for many centuries. That is, that we can alter our chemistry and create new and supportive states through our breath. controlling our nervous system responses, blood and oxygen delivery and thus create a healthy biology and form new habits that support our goals. 

There is no single correct way to breathe! Our goal is to open the body to the breath with awareness, power, relaxation and peace so that we become flexible enough to flow with whatever we experience.

This is the focus of Anthony Clegg’s workshops and personal sessions

There is no single correct way to breathe! Our goal is to open the body to the breath with awareness, power, relaxation and peace so that we become flexible enough to flow with whatever we experience.

Firstly we must become aware of how we breathe, where we breathe, and under what situations we create discord in the body and mind through our breathing behaviours. Then we can begin to learn how to send new signals of safety and ease. 

We need the energy our sympathetic nervous system provides as it’s what gets us up, motivates and drives us. However, in a modern age of constant stimulation this system is rarely switched off long enough to allow the parasympathetic branch to do its necessary work. 

What will breath work involve?

We will explore many aspects of breathing and answer the following questions.

  • When should we breathe nasally and when should we breathe through the mouth? 
  • How do we release pain, tension and fear? 
  • How do we stay focused? 
  • What effect does breathing focused exercise have on the body and mind? 
  • How do we connect mind intelligence to body intelligence? 
  • How do we reduce chronic inflammation? 
  • What effect do our thoughts have on our quality of life? 
  • How do we achieve awareness, relaxation, power and peace at the same time? 

All of these themes are explored as part of intensive workshops that allows us to dive deeply into our motivations, anxieties, internal and external blockages and access the wisdom that is inherent in each and every one of us. 

Only you can do the work. It’s a process that does not transform without the investment of time, application and a willingness to let go of old beliefs, tightly held ideas and ideals. Things that, most likely, no longer serve the ambitions and goals of your life. 

“Shut up and Breathe”

“If you need to control yourself – your mind, body, emotions, posture, or behaviour – then start by getting control of your breathing.”

“How do you breathe when you are feeling very calm, peaceful and content? How do you breathe when you are upset, angry, afraid or in pain? It’s important to bring awareness to your breathing at these times because the way that you breathe —consciously or unconsciously — will either enhance, support, exacerbate, lessen or relieve those things — in the short and long term.”

Dan Brulé, author of “Just Breathe”, “Shut up and breathe”, a genuine expert and pioneer of breathwork since the 1970’s

One to One Breathing and Breathwork at Balance Performance

Work with Anthony Clegg or Jonathan Lewis in a one-to-one breathwork session for body mind health, performance, sleep, to effectively process stress and anxiety, or allow greater creativity.

  • Firstly, breathing well is key for effective strength training; endurance efforts and flexibility training. It is key for yoga, pilates and effective pelvic floor exercises. What is more is that each of these activities has unique and differing breathing patterns to maximise their benefits. This does not mean that the way you breathe during yoga etc is THE way to breathe all day.
  • Secondly, breathing well is essential to successful activation of your trunk/core; during spinal rehabilitation programmes; moving well and absorbing shock and impoact during all sports; achieving relaxation during sports massage; as well as  for osteopaths and physiotherapists to effectively mobilise and manipulate your joints with their array of  techniques.

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