CrossCore180 goes so far beyond suspension training

CrossCore180 goes so far beyond suspension training, CrossCore is about movement, fluid rotational movement. TRX, Jungle Gym, AST and other strap systems are excellent at providing instability through suspension, CrossCore180 provides movement, rotation through a full range, and the ability to transform it into a functional training resistance machine not dissimilar from a cable machine. […]

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How an endurance athlete prepares for extreme assault course race Tough Mudder: CrossCore180

Balance Performance has worked with the people of Clapham, Stockwell, Brixton, Balham and Tooting for over a decade now. We have developed an affinity with the endurance athlete community based on our expertise dealing with their avoidable overuse injuries and also with combat athletes, dancers and other performance artists based on our awareness and teaching […]

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Trigger Point Performance UK workshop success.

Yesterday at Balance. Jonathan taught the second “Ultimate 6” 4.5 hour workshop in the UK for Trigger Point Performance. After the success of Edinburgh a few weeks ago another small group of quality professionals learnt not just the highly effective techniques that provide maximum returns when using the TP tools (TP massage ball, TP footballer […]

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