suspension training

CrossCore180 goes so far beyond suspension training

CrossCore180 goes so far beyond suspension training, CrossCore is about movement, fluid rotational movement. TRX, Jungle Gym, AST and other strap systems are excellent at providing instability through suspension, CrossCore180 provides movement, rotation through a full range, and the ability to transform it into a functional training resistance machine not dissimilar from a cable machine. […]

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Balance Blogging

There is so much going on at the moment at Balance Performance that i could be blogging daily, the reality is that its so busy the blogging activities are at a low! Stewart Laing is one of the UKs most respected Sports Physiologists, has worked with some of the worlds elite athletes but is able […]

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Great versatility for outdoor training, highly effective strength, conditioning and fitness anywhere:

A few examples of the versatility in bodyweight training that the Pulley suspension system of the WarMachine offers personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, bootcamp providers and anyone else who likes to take their physical training outdoors. Free flowing, fluid strength, conditioning, speed, power and endurance. interested in future education workshops in pulley suspension training […]

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