Intention and emphasis in physical training

If your intention is to gain usable strength, power, speed then you need to emphasise exercises, drills, movements that involve purposeful (compound, multi-joint, functional) actions performed against appropriate levels of resistance to promote strength, power, develop speed. Simple. Equally simple is that the only real requirement from the facility/space you train in is that is […]

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World Class Kettlebell Certification from IKFF

Coming up fast, the most well thought through kettlebell certification not just in UK but world wide. constantly evolving, based on the feedback of IKFF CKT coaches across the world and through the ongoing learning of Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn under world class kettlebell sport coaches. http://www.ikff.net/about/find-an-instructor/248-ckt-level-1-course-london-england-march-19-20-2011.html Below is video of Ken Blackburn doing […]

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