CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™: Perfect for ANYbody or training style

Another guest blog from JP Brice of CrossCore USA. We have a piece to follow about JPs personal story with CrossCore 180 and how even as a very strong bodybuilder Rotational Bodyweight Training™ helped him with his chronic low backpain. In meantime here is why CrossCore USA are so passionate about the CrossCore180® and why Balance Performance […]

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Full Throttle Fitness Class

Cj (Cj’s Fitness) and Sabina Skala (Gym Jones protege) are back in action at Balance every Saturday for this conditioning circuit style class (Londons Best!). Saturday, 12.15-13.15pm “Kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, free weights, the works! Get fit (or die trying!) Its here at Balance, London SW4 6LE (60 seconds from Clapham North Tube Station, 60 […]

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