Alter-G reduced gravity treadmill: appealing to lightweights & heavyweights

Although Balance is an organisation that has been at the forefront of many innovations and concepts related to movement, rehabilitation, recovery and performance we arent exactly controversial! We are different to every other sports injury and spinal rehabilitation centre in London because we dedicate ourselves to sustainable solutions for our clients even when many clinics […]

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UK Open Kettlebell Championships, July 18th 2009

Recycling this blog direct from Cj… With 19 days left until registration closes, the Uk Open Kettlebell Competition 2009 is truly underway. Men, women and teams from throughout the UK and beyond will be stepping up to the platform and pitting themselves in a gruelling contest against the steel, plus raising money for two worth […]

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Urban Freeflow Partners

Excellent news…Balance Performance Physiotherapy is now working with the world class athletes of the Urban Freeflow team. We will be taking care of the pro team’s injuries, guiding rehabilitation, and providing our strategies for recovery and minimising the effects of impact and joint stress. “I think working with the pro athletes of Urban Freeflow will […]

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