Race Across America and tips for recovery and maintaining mobility during an ultra endurance, multiple day event

Balance welcomed Rachelle Healy into our facility yesterday (May 28th 2014). Her mission was to gather tips and tools to help her support the Spinhaler cycling teamSpinhalers cycling team of riders taking part in the Race Across America. “Race Across America (RAAM) is known as one the most respected and oldest endurance sports events in […]

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New York Times article on self-massage products

Just read a well balanced article from the New York Times on self-massage products. The journalist has consulted a number of sources including sports massage consumers, foam roller users, a triathlon coach, an Ironman triathlete and chiropractor, author of “Self-Massage for Athletes” Rich Poley, and the founder and creator of Trigger Point Performance Therapy products […]

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