CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™: Perfect for ANYbody or training style

Another guest blog from JP Brice of CrossCore USA. We have a piece to follow about JPs personal story with CrossCore 180 and how even as a very strong bodybuilder Rotational Bodyweight Training™ helped him with his chronic low backpain. In meantime here is why CrossCore USA are so passionate about the CrossCore180® and why Balance Performance […]

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Intention and emphasis in physical training

If your intention is to gain usable strength, power, speed then you need to emphasise exercises, drills, movements that involve purposeful (compound, multi-joint, functional) actions performed against appropriate levels of resistance to promote strength, power, develop speed. Simple. Equally simple is that the only real requirement from the facility/space you train in is that is […]

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War Machine review from Gymless training blog

A review of the WarMachine pulley suspension system from Alistair Ramsey who attended an introduction to this versatile equipment at Balance Performance. My only regret is that Alistair didn’t pick up on the versatility the WarMachine offers when it comes to leg training. The pulley allows you to work with alternate legs, a cyclical motion, […]

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